Expensive Underwater Cameras

A lot of snorkelers and divers would tell you that it's a whole new world underwater. You should really make it to a point to experience the diverse environment under the sea. You'll see a wide variety of marine wildlife that you can never see on land. Well, except on pictures. Fortunately, we can see underwater pictures taken by expensive underwater cameras.
This is why as a photographer, you should consider underwater photography. There are a lot of possible subjects and possible locations. You can be a travel photographer that focuses on underwater photography. But there is a little roadblock. You would need to invest in an expensive underwater camera. These cameras are built to withstand underwater pressure.
But if you don't have the budget for it, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy taking pictures in the water. With an underwater camera bag, you can turn just about any digital camera into an underwater camera. Sure, there are limitations to the depth and the amount of time that you can stay underwater. But with the right location, you'll be able to encounter a lot of fishes, corals and the likes. Besides, taking underwater pictures of you and your friends is fun.
Here are some of the more popular ones that you can choose from:
1. Aquapac 404 Camera Case
This is a very popular underwater camera bag because of the fact that it's very inexpensive. It's priced below $30 but it can get the job done. It's designed for the smaller digital cameras that don't have zoom features. You don't have to worry about your pictures being blurry. It uses Lenzflex material that ensures clear and great-quality pictures.
2. Nereus (DC-WP10)
This is a newer model that is designed for several Canon Ixus and Ixy cameras. The best thing about it is you can use it for as deep as 30 feet. It uses a UV coated polycarbonate lens that gives you clear pictures. It also allows you to easily control the camera with easy access to the buttons. You also don't have to worry about losing your camera underwater because it will float. Just remember to check to see if it's compatible with your camera.
3. Overboard
This is a good choice if you don't want to spend too much. This is an inexpensive underwater camera bag just like the Aquapac. But unlike the Aquapac, you can use it for cameras that have zoom features.
Explore the wonders of the sea or just have fun taking pictures in the pool with a camera that is protected by a waterproof bag. You don't need an expensive waterproof camera in order to do so. You can use your existing camera with the help of one of these three.